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Well, it’s that time, and in case you’ve forgotten, or have a life of your own, I’m one of ten finalists in the RT/ Brava contest. Each month the contestants vie for votes, and the last one standing gets a book deal. The first round is up, so go check it out. www.rtbookreviews.com/content/writing-stars-vote-first-paragraph-and-last-line.

It blows my mind that I’ve gotten the opportunity to have snippets from my manuscript published in a national magazine. How crazy is that?

This makes me reflect on the manuscript that’s featured in the contest, Dark Future. Not only is this my first manuscript, but I wrote it from an intimate place. The book started simply with my passion for telling stories. I wrote Dark Future before I knew what point of view was, active writing, or even much about grammar.

Dark Future was written from a place of truth. I took my life’s experiences and put them into book. I used my feelings of anger at my father’s abandonment, my fear of disappointing my mother, my isolation from being a new mom, and my need to get lost in a different world.

I’m still surprised at how dark some scenes from my story became. I remember feeling nervous as I wrote scenes that seemed more personal to me then just words on the page. It might have been different people in different circumstances, but they were the same feelings.

It’s scary to rip off the façade and show the world what’s underneath. It’s also addicting.

I began to write every spare second I could, longhand in a blank notebook, on a lunch hour or when the kids were napping. For me, simply completing this book was a huge accomplishment. I never dreamed it would get this far.

So, to whet your appetite, here is the pitch I used at a national conference one year.

Armageddon has arrived. One soldier stands between two worlds. One woman, chosen out of her time, stands in his way. Only together they can change the past…or face a  Dark Future.

Go and read my first paragraph and last line; it’s now up at the RT reviews books website. www.rtbookreviews.com/content/writing-stars-vote-first-paragraph-and-last-line.

And please remember to vote. This round goes from now until October 24th, and it only takes 10 seconds!

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KC Klein is the author of Dark Future, a sexy futuristic time-travel. She became serious about writing three years ago and was as surprised as anyone when her stories took a turn toward dark and snarky. Today, she divides her time between taking care of her family and driving in circles around Arizona, too busy creating stories in her head to pay attention to mere road signs. KC would love a visit at kckleinbooks.com.

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Your book sounds fascinating – I hope it won! I identified with how you started writing – that’s much the process I used for my first novels (though I turned to fantasy to escape).
Bonnie´s last [type] ..Sunshine Says Vol 3


KC Klein Reply:

Thank you Bonnie, for your kind words and for commenting.

As it is I am no longer in the contest. (Got booted out the first round) Much of the contest was around promotion, something I haven’t gotten the hang of yet.

Such is the nature of this business, on top of the world one moment then…



Yes indeed. But nothing detracts from the thrill of reading what led up to the competition entry. Your book released much of what you have within you — gasping to be released.
I know nothing of this competition , but many of them depend on things other than talent. This is especially true of competitions involving the public.
Promotion? You can spend more time on it than writing. As far as I am concerned, it can take over a writer and become an overriding occupation.
Good luck for the future.
Gladys Hobson´s last [type] ..1970’s Fashion — Designing- Checkmate Style


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