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Most writers love to read. I’ve noticed through reading, that many characters love to read as well. It must be the book lover in authors.

So my questions to you are: What books do your characters read? Who are their favorite authors? What genre is their favs? What kind of characters do they relate to?

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Sarah Jensen
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Sarah is writer looking for an agent. She is currently working on novel # 4, editing novels 2 and 3, and querying novel # 1. For more insight to her work, visit: or

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In my YA, Sam loves Twilight, but also enjoys the classics. She is a huge fan of Hamlet and has read it many times in her 4 years of high school. She likes reading YA, especially anything romantic.

Andrew likes to read as well, but mostly non-fiction. He’s into Greek history and mythology, as well as Cherokee. He does enjoy a good mystery on occasion.

In Surviving, Drew enjoys anything on European history. Being half Russia and half Greek, she enjoys anything she can find on her heritage. She has a secret weakness for romance novels, but would die if anyone at the agency found out.

In In The Dark, Memphis mostly reads Junior readers with her 11 y/o son. When she has a free moment, which isn’t often, seeing as how she chases demons when not with her boy, she likes to read mysteries and Stephen King. But on rare occasions, she’ll pick up a historical romance, pretending life could really be that way.
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I love reading too! Good to know too that too.. :)
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