in the dark
moonlit escape by McBeth

I will come to you
In the still of the night
And I will crush you
With the burden of sight
And you will understand
The shadows in my heart
The fury of my conviction
Will cause your heart to quicken
And then, my dear
You will see you want me here
~~ Haunted — Jewel   ~~

* * *

What would your character do (your current one, an old MC, or a brand new one you create today) if s/he knew a stalker was in the house?

I want to go dark for the end of the week. I’m in that kind of mood….

Try to keep it about half the length of Suzanne’s prompt from yesterday. We’ve had so much advice lately (which has been fabulous), but I’ve missed the writing part of this blog. So have at it!!

I’ll post mine in the comments, as well.

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Eden Tyler
Picture of Eden Tyler

Since winning her first writing competition at a young age, Eden Tyler, has only fallen more in love with the written word. She uses her English, Psychology, and Sociology backgrounds to create depth to her own stories and novels while contributing to and running websites about writing. This is what fulfills her, along with working as Co-Editor for Fuel Your Writing, but she also enjoys the freelance work that puts food on the table (and that ever-essential roof overhead) for her family.

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Well, my current work’s eleven-year-old protagonist actually did have to deal with an adult intruder on the grounds of the house where she’s living. She and her twelve-year-old friend, the only other person in the house, psych each other up until they can go outside with their dogs to drive the intruder away.


Creepy awesome. Inspired an alternate future bit for my MC’s…


The message glowed inches from Alexia’s face: “Congratulations. Haven’t forgotten. Bringing you a wedding present.” She snapped the phone shut and stared at the clock where 2:13 glared back at her.

Was he really that obsessed after so many years?

Her phone buzzed once more in her hand, and she squeezed it to her chest in attempt to choke the life out of it. She felt Neil move beside her — sound asleep, as he should be. If he were awake, he’d be out of his mind with worry.

Imagination turned shadows into specters, played a noise in her head. A faraway noise, way too lifelike. Then the sound of a growling dog, probably having some dog dream, asleep on the floor by the bed.

It wasn’t until she heard barking and snarling and paws slamming against the closed door that she realized it wasn’t her imagination.

Hesitating, she read the new text message: “It should have been me.”

“Jack! Shut up!” Neil stirred and sat up.

“Shh!” She covered his mouth, pinned him against her, and threw the cover over their heads. With muffled protest noises, he managed to pry her fingers from his face.

“Lexi, what’s going on?!”

“He’s downstairs.” Even with the blanket barrier and Jack’s barks growing louder and more urgent, she heard a crash. Definitely not her imagination.


She opened her phone and showed him the message. In the pale blue light, she could tell he was squinting and frowning at the screen.

“You know I can’t read that without my glasses. Hold on and–”

“Don’t! Listen…” She read both messages out loud, and his eyes widened.

“How’d he get your number?”

“I don’t know!”

Another noise, and this time a voice, sounded downstairs. Neil pulled her close, and for just a moment, his warmth made her feel almost safe. He took the phone from her hand and dialed for help with one shaky thumb.

“He’s just grumpy ‘cause we didn’t invite him to the wedding, isn’t he?”

“That’s not funny. I think… I think he’s really after you.”


omg! I have no idea how this ends. :D

Thanks for the prompt! Nice exercise for my fiction slump.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..And the winner(s) are… =-.


Good way to limber me up for Jane, the main character of my NANOWRIMO novel. What would Jane do?

I heard the click of the latch and knew someone was in the house. For once being a light sleeper had its advantages.I struggled to slow my heart rate and roll to my side to at least have a clear view of the last minutes of my life. I should have been thinking about ways to defend myself but what came to mind was the feng shui lesson on bed placement and the fact that if Bobby was here, he’d be out of bed and kicking someone’s ass by now.
.-= Ginger B. Collins´s last blog ..New Guest Blog =-.


awesome, girls! great flash!!!
thanks =)

i still need to post mine…..
.-= eden tyler´s last blog new pitch. =-.


Sam does have a stalker, and he’s one who eats human livers. Fun, huh?

She freaks out for a while, then learns how to kick monster butt. :)


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