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This week I wanted to focus on setting. How do you set up your setting? Is it a place you’ve been? Do you put yourself in place of your characters?

This is my first novel. I started by taking Sarah’s advice and just wrote. I wrote about what I knew and that is…being a girl growing up in East Texas. Creative, huh? For me, I had to just write about what was familiar. I changed the names of towns, but in my head, I picture where I grew up. That way I can accurately describe even the sounds and smells. All five senses are needed to portray a good setting.

This was the best scene of setting that I could find in my book. Remember-it took me a long time to find this and I even had to tweak it to put it on here. I’m no expert!!

Ugh. Hospital. The disinfectant stench wafted through my nostrils making my head spin and eyes fight to close again. My stomach rumbled and I put my hand over the worn blue fabric of the gown. At least I didn’t have to fix my own breakfast. The room was dim and I wondered if it was even morning. I forced myself to think about what I might order instead of the beeping machines and where I was lying.

Find a good example of setting in your WiP and post it in the comments along with your advice about the topic!

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I am having a huge problem with this right now because I set part of my book in the middle east… all I can do is read and watch movies

So, for future reference… even if my book takes me elsewhere I am going to do my best to bring it back home!


I try to pick places new to me. Places I’ve never been. I enjoy learning about places. Google map is a great resource. Calling people that live in those cities, like real estate brokers or high school secretary’s helps too. :)

I also enjoy writing with new worlds. Something I just discovered I like actually, from the exercises we do in writing.

My novels for Legend of the Protectors takes place in Tahlequah Oklahoma, home of the Cherokee Nations. I haven’t been there, but look forward to going. :)
One WIP takes place in Austin Texas. I’ve been there, but don’t know the area well.
Another, Lodi Wisconsin. I’m enjoying learning about that place as well.

So here’s a line from Lodi Wisconsin. And I don’t have a real title for it yet.

Layton walked through the front door of the large home on Vilas Hibbard Parkway. A bowl of oranges sat on a round table in the foyer. The smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the air. This wasn’t quite what he’d had in mind.

A group of girls sat in the formal living room taking, and as he ventured further into the house, kids played video games, pool, and darts. A few kids had beers, but most seemed to drink soda. Out the French doors, another group swam and played in the pool and hot tub.


Lodi parties were different from those in Chicago. The music changed after each song, from country to rock, and continued in a “please everyone” way. A girl from his Chemistry class moved toward him.


I always take my stories from my home town. I never say where it is, what city or anything like that. I just take places, such as streets like State street, main street etc. Schools, but never use the name. I want people to imagine them there and not know exactly where it is so they can say, oh this sounds like Cambridge, or this could be Berkley.

Here is an example from my book.

The leaves had all fallen off the trees; a skiff of snow lay on the ground. The temperature was now in the forty’s on a warm day. Slush and leaves lined the gutters and the sound of the cars slurping through it as they drove by. The sky was a dull grey instead of the blue it usually is during warmer weather. The students on campus wore their heavy coats, gloves and hats as they ran from one building to the next. No one lingered in the courtyards anymore, more concerned to get in the warm buildings.


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