A Time for Thanksgiving

This is a time for everyone to reflect on what they have in their lives to be thankful for. Often, in our writing, we struggle through the conflicts with our characters. Since this is the holiday season, I wondered, what do your characters have to be thankful for. And anyone who wants to share good news here as well, may feel free.

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Sarah Jensen
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Sarah is writer looking for an agent. She is currently working on novel # 4, editing novels 2 and 3, and querying novel # 1. For more insight to her work, visit: http://legendoftheprotectors.wordpress.com/ or http://legendoftheprotectors.blogspot.com/

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You can spend many years looking for an agent. Since agents get thousands of submissions a year and only take on one or two writers new writers, it stands to reason that the odds are against you. Of course, you might get taken in by a false agent (as I did) who fancies himself in that powerful position but is useless. (As, it has to be admitted, are some authors.)
Some publishers WILL accept manuscripts from authors and I suggest you try those too. But make sure they are genuine by looking them up. There are plenty of businesses out to make money out of discouraged authors. There are Internet sites like the Preditors and Editors who look out for fraudsters and cheats.
Finally, there is the possibility of self-publishing. I have put something about that on my wrinkly writers blog:
Do take heed of the warnings – look at both the publishing and the marketing. Whatever you do, you will find writing the book is the easy part, getting it into the hands of a reader is a whole new ball game! Even those taken on by top publishers (who spend thousands launching new authors) have a great deal of work to do to get known — I understand that is part of the deal.
Best of luck whatever you do.
Gladys Hobson´s last [type] ..Beware Pedestrians — short story by Gladys Hobson


My characters are grateful that the heaviest part of the journey is almost completed. We had to go into the deepest darkest recesses of our beings to follow the story and now things are finally looking up for the final leg of the experience


A writer’s life offers so much to be thankful for: boundless worlds full of unexplored adventures, fascinating characters to keep us company, and the fulfillment of words coming together on paper to create the stories that carry our names on the cover.


Great thoughts for the holidays!
If a writer doesn’t write then something may go unsaid.
e.lee´s last [type] ..How To Slay Toxic Creatures In Your Creative Life


I am pleased to say I now have a contract with Dare Empire for my complete trilogy. Already the three books, complete with new covers that flow from one book to the next, are for sale as eBooks. Print to follow. A good way to start the year 2011
Gladys Hobson´s last [type] ..1970’s Fashion — Designing- Checkmate Style


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