The Importance of Reading

I have four children, and they all love books. My youngest, 5, asks almost daily to go to the library and generally picks out books on reptiles. I’m learning a lot about them and realized that some of this information will come in handy in one of the books I’m writing.

We all know it’s never too early to help a child develop interest in books and learning.

So, what are you reading? Which books draw in your children?

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Sarah Jensen
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Sarah is writer looking for an agent. She is currently working on novel # 4, editing novels 2 and 3, and querying novel # 1. For more insight to her work, visit: or

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My children are aged between 47 and 54 (all men!). They are all engineers and read technical books.
When they were children they had bedtime stories, some I made up. They showed no interest in reading stories as such.
One is dyslexic but the condition was not recognised at that time. When I trained to be a teacher (mature student) it was beginning to be recognised. By then this son was a student/apprentice. My intervention and insisting on him being officially tested led to him being able to get a degree without O level English. Otherwise he would never have been awarded his BSc
My sons were not interested in reading when they were young — it was all hands-on stuff. Later my eldest read a bit of Fantasy. One reads his Bible daily, my youngest reads much technical stuff on the Internet, Engineering journals and all that! If any read novels I have no idea what they would be OR when they would have the time to do so!
‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!’
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I can’t tell you how excited I am when I hear about children developing a love of reading early on. Kudos to you for being a parent ready and willing to nurture a love words from a young age.
K.M. Weiland´s last [type] ..Celebrating 1-000 Followers With a Prize Package Drawing


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